Be An Ethical Consumer

One of the best ways by which we can send a message to big business, industry, banks, and corporations is via our wallets. One of the best things (if not the only best thing) about capitalism, is that demand drives supply. If we begin to truly think about from where it is the items we buy come, and then base our purchases on how things were made and by whom they were made, we send a message to the owners of production that we will no longer allow them to be evil. We force them, by shifting demand toward things made via ethical means, to treat the people and the planet better. If we only purchase items made in the US or items not made with slave labor in unsafe, dirty conditions, and which are made with minimal pollution then we make it all the more difficult for companies to ship jobs to other countries by decreasing the demand for such products. It is the nature of the capitalist beast to go where the money is, so lets put the money where we want it and make them come to us.

I know it’s hard. But we must think about the true cost of the things we buy. The human cost, in the loss of jobs and the exploitation of our fellow humans around the globe. The environmental cost, in the the pollution and harm being done by the waste water run off and smoke stacks at the factories, and via the shipment of these goods.

I know it seems to be a daunting task. How much stuff is really made in America, or even ethically anymore?

Actually, more than you would think. You can even be ethical with your cell phone; for example, Sprint is going green and has a cell company. You can even be local/ethical with your food purchases. Go to your local farmers market during the growing season where you can find local produce and meat. Buy a little extra veggies and fruits and meats each trip; then vacuum seal and freeze some to get you through the winter.

We’re all in this together. Americans, Chinese, Mexicans, Indians, French, Kenyans, people from all around the world. We are becoming an ever more globalized society, and as such we need to start thinking about how our actions impact humanity as a whole if we are to have any chance in defeating the interests of the rich.

Here are a few links to help us be ethical consumers:

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