Do You Ever Think About Me?

Dear People,

I know it’s easy to forget about me when it seems as if we hardly see each other. You come and go from your houses, to your cars, to some other man made structure, and you hardly give me a second glance. You might notice me when it’s especially pleasant out, or when it’s particularly awful. You might pay special attention to me at certain times of the year, but other than that I feel as if you barely see me.  You forget that I provide you with life: oxygen, food, water, everything you need to survive. I take care of you and all I ask is that you notice me a little more often than you do, and be a little more grateful too.


The Earth

Taking Care of the Earth is not just for hippies or for Earth Day…it’s for everyone, everyday. This planet is our home, and it is the only home we are likely to ever have. Humanity will only survive if the Earth is healthy…that’s all there is to it.

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