What Will It Take?

My dear fellow Americans, what will it take for us to stand up and take action?

We have been indoctrinated, since infancy, to believe that our “freedoms” and our “rights” are sacrosanct. But the truth is, they are not. They have been fought for and purchased by the blood, tears, sweat, and determination of millions of men, women, and children, from the Revolution to the Labor Movement to the Civil Rights Movement and every thing in between and since.

As we have sat back, content with the illusion that our “freedoms” and “rights” will always be, corporate, finance, and industrial interests have devalued the dollar, stagnated our incomes to the point at which we’re making almost as much, on average, as we were in 1980. Meanwhile, they have expanded their own wealth to the point at which the average CEO earns 371:1 of what the average employee earns [1].

As we have sat back, content in our illusions our “freedoms” are somehow free, the quality of our health care, food, water, air, and children’s education have continued to decline. Our children’s generation are predicted to be the first generation in human history to be outlived by their parents, to be the first generation in decades to be less educated than their parents, and to have less economic growth opportunities than their parents [2].

It’s really very disturbing and it’s getting progressively worse, not better. We have been, since the 1970s, when corporations began to really flex their money muscles, in a downward spiral, like a whirlpool, that is picking up speed as we near rock bottom [3]. I can’t help but wonder if my fellow Americans will make any effort at all to save ourselves before we hit it. How much worse does it have to get before millions upon millions of us take to the streets like our European sisters and brothers and fight to protect all that we hold dear?

As we have sat back, accepting the illusion that our “freedoms” and “rights” are indisputable and inviolable, they are being silently eroded, more and more and more with each passing year. And as they faded away, we fail our forebearers who earned us all that we now take for granted. Are we ungrateful? Are we merely lazy? Or is that we have been so deeply mislead that we’ve lost sight of the path they forged?

If it is that we are ungrateful, then we should be ashamed of ourselves because the price paid by those who came before us is far too great to deserve to be so easily dismissed. If it is that we are merely lazy, then we should get off of our collective asses and reclaim what is ours; simply sitting at our computers and complaining to each other will *not* suffice. If it is that we have been so deeply mislead that we have lost sight ofthe path, then we must seek it out or forge a new one. Whatever the case, we must work together and we must take action now while we still have “freedoms” and “rights” to protect. Because, as John Adams so perfectly put it, “Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”






3. http://reclaimdemocracy.org/corporate_accountability/powell_memo_lewis.html


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