A Message to Congress

Dear Congress,
For far too long we have been ignored, marginalized, and exploited. We have watched as our homes have lost value or been taken away. We have watched as jobs, via free trade agreements designed solely to benefit the rich, have been sent overseas. We have watched as our schools, natural environment, and infrastructures have taken a back seat to subsidies and other economic breaks for the richest amongst us. We have seen the cost of living skyrocket while earnings for the majority of us have plummeted. As we, the 99%, struggle to make ends meet, send our kids to college, pay our medical bills, and buy food and other necessities, the rich have continued to make exponential gains. And, to add insult to injury, we have watched, despite all of our hopes, as you, our elected officials, have sold out us to the highest bidder.
It ends now. This is, as per the US Constitution, the very document that you are sworn to uphold and protect, a nation of, by, and for the people. You are our public servants. Act like it, or be replaced.

Please, feel free to send this letter to your own Congressperson (Senator or House Rep., as well as to your state reps in your state’s General Assembly).
Also, please visit and participate in 
Take Back America’s Facebook event, “Occupy Congress and General Assemblies.”


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