It is time to take back America. It is time to stop fighting amongst ourselves; to stop accusing the Mexican or the “welfare mom” or our out-of-work neighbor of stealing our jobs or of being lazy. Why? Because they are not the cause. They are one of the 99% of us who are being taken advantage of by a meager percentage of the population who have somehow managed to claim nearly half of the nation’s wealth for themselves.

While we, the people, struggle to keep a roof over our heads, food on our tables, and clothes on our backs, the rich get richer. While we, the people, avoid seeking health care when we’re ill because we cannot afford to see a doctor, the men and women on Capitol Hill, including the one’s who railed against reform, receive the best health care money (our money) can buy. Many of us are over-worked and under-paid; we have no idea how we’ll afford retirement for ourselves, a college education for our children, let alone how to afford the everyday expenses of life, which grow more and more expensive with each passing year. Yet, as the cost of living goes up, our pay has remained stagnate. As famed journalist and public commentator, Bill Moyers, said in a recent article entitled “Welcome to the Plutocracy,” since about 1980 the “average income went from $30,941 to $31,244 in 2008;” meanwhile, the top 1% has experienced exponential growth. The present disparity in wealth distribution in America today is rivaled only by that experienced during the Great Depression, but not by much.

The thing that we, the people, must remember – something we once knew just a generation or two ago– is that the rich do not need what they have, nor do they truly deserve it. We have to remember that anything less than a living wage for our time and hard work is not only unfair, it’s stupid. We have to remember that a consumption based economy like ours only works if as many people as possible have a disposable income (what remains after you have covered necessities) in order to purchase goods and services. If the majority of Americans are living paycheck to pay check just to supply themselves with the basics (food, shelter, clothing, and a modest means of transportation), how is that going to grow the economy? It’s not, honestly. And we see it now, job growth is at a snail’s pace, people are being laid off and/or taking pay cuts, and losing their homes. In order for a consumer based economy like ours to thrive the people must have well-paying jobs (well-paying means, by ethical standards, that the earnings of an individual exceed the cost of living by at least 3%) so that we can afford to purchase consumer goods such as cell phones, televisions, gaming systems, and other non-essentials, the demand for which drives the economy. Lastly, we have to remember that we, not the rich, are the foundation of this nation; without a strong foundation the whole system will come crashing down.

We give all the breaks to the people who need them the least, the extremely rich. According to statistics reported by the US Census Bureau’s 2009 report, nearly 14.3%, up from 13.2% (the third consecutive annual increase) of Americans live in poverty; that’s 43.6 million people who can’t afford to live! The Census Bureau reports that from 1999, the year in which household income peaked, to 2009, income inequality between the 10th and 90th percentile (the rich and not rich respectively) is growing. The Census Bureau admits it, why can’t we?! We need to recognize what these numbers really mean: we have no future as long as the rich own this country. We need to recognize that the number of people living in poverty is growing each year, and that this means that anyone of us could be included in those statistics at any point in time.

However, with all that is wrong: lack of jobs for the people, insufficient access to health care, a declining education standard, and much more; the real problem is us, the people. We need to stop allowing ourselves to be pounded down by the rich and their Washington cronies. We need to stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated by the propaganda; the blacks, the Hispanics, the whites, the Asians, the welfare recipients, the housewives, the unemployed, the working-poor, the ever shrinking middle-class, we all need to see that we, despite what they try to tell us, are in this together. We need to stop being victims and start standing up for ourselves. We need to take back America.

We call upon our fellow Americans, the 99% of us being victimized by a system of broken promises and out-right lies, to take up their Constitutional duty, to protect this nation from harm both within and without its borders. This time, we take on the threats from within: growing economic inequality and loss of jobs and dignity. Thomas Jefferson once said that every generation needs its own revolution. It is time for a Revolution for Citizen’s Rights: the right to employment and fair pay, the right to clean energy to grow our economy and secure a safe and clean future, the right to affordable health care, the right to the promise made by the founders of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It’s time the people, of, by, and for whom this nation was founded, stand up and take it back from the bankers and the corporations who have bribed, manipulated, and stolen it out from under us. We, the Take Back America Movement, are calling upon you, the people, our fellow Americans, to join us in reclaiming our country.


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  1. This explanation of what’s happening today in America should be posted on your facebook page for everyone to see. This is explained perfectly in words that everyone can understand.

    • [[Karen]]
      Actually, it is on the Facebook page under “Info.” Thank you, I am glad you like it 🙂

  2. This all sounds great but what do we do, how do we do it? So many people have lost hope. If we want the little guy to do something we can’t just sit back and hope he figures it out. I have read and listened to all the talk but no one presents a solution. What can be done when you have no money, no hope and things just keep getting worse. There are so many opinions, it is overwhelming. People just don’t know which way to go.

    • The answer to that, cbouldin, is far simpler than people make it out to be.
      1) Get over the two-party system. We will never beat corporate interests as long as we keep voting in the same parties, which are comprised of people bought by corporate money. This will require people to vote for other candidates from other parties.
      2) Keep up on legislation (this is easy, you’ll find sites under “Use Links”), and write to your state and federal reps and tell them what you think of the bills on the floor.
      3) Keep in regular contact with your reps: Call them or write to them periodically to tell them how life is going for you. Did you take a pay cut recently? Tell them so. Did the interest rate on a loan or line of credit increase due to economic instability? If so, tell them. Do you think your reps are doing a good job or letting you down? Tell them.
      4) Take to the streets. Protest outside of your reps’ local offices. Protest at your state Capitol building. Protest at the White House, if you can get there.

      We have a page on Facebook. Stop by. We have an upcoming event planned for Labor Day. We also had a “March on Your Capitol Day,” which saw a small turn-out. While we are trying, in all honesty much of what can and must be done is up to each individual American. Sitting and waiting for a leader to show us the way and make it all better, is pretty much what got us into this mess. A democratic-representative republic, like ours, only functions as it should *if* the people are willing to be active and engaged citizens.

  3. We must insist upon first that all federal government elected (including the President) and appointed officials must take a two thirds pay cut ( benefits too) and remain in that state until the deficit is down to zero dollars and afterward a pay/benefit raise must be put up to the voters! The politicians have given themselves three pay raises, not to mention benefit increases, while the country runs on the backs (pocket books) of the few. What makes them think they deserve a pay scale/benefit scale so far and above our own, they are the one’s that have put us in the situation we are in. We have allowed the government officials to police themselves for far too long, the time to stop that is now! We need to demand that the government be cut down in size, the amount of people being paid out of our pockets! Starting from the top! They want a retirement let them do just like we do, pay into a retirement fund/account, they want medical care, they pay for it just like we do, they want benefit packages earn them! They are Not better than any one of us!! It’s time to take the bull by the horns and lead him to the slaughter house! There is power in numbers and the many need to start showing this has got to stop, publicly!!

  4. My only quibble is with the name of this blog.

    You’re Taking America back from what?

    The Religious Right? WEll, they believe they need to take it back from the Secular Left.

    The Corporations? Well, they’ve pretty much ruled this country since the beginning.

    The Politicians? See above

    The Rich? The Conservatives? The Hateful?

    YOu get my point, right?

    We the People don’t need to take our country back. We need to propel it to a new place and transform it to a new country.

    • ^^^and that sounds really fantastic but it’s a fairy tale because there is no perfect system and it’s really hard to do anything when you’re broke and powerless.

      Plus, there’s 350 million of “The People” and each on has a different idea of what the US is and should be.

      So what am I saying? The US breaks up and several countries form based on shared regional ideals about sovereignty.

      It’s not going to be pretty.

    • Really it’s about reclaiming the political power. We’re taking back America from the complacency into which we have fallen by trying to encourage political involvement amongst the people.

      “We the People don’t need to take our country back. We need to propel it to a new place and transform it to a new country.” Very true. That’s one of the reasons why the words in the name are ordered as they are, “Take Back America,” as opposed to “Take America Back.” Words have power. We all know the saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword,” this is so very true. Take the name of our group, for example; look at the name “Take Back America,” and notice the order of the words. That’s the beauty of language, words have meaning but the message they convey changes depending upon the order in which they are placed. To “Take Back America” conveys the reclaiming of that which has been lost or stolen (in this case the political power), whereas to “Take America Back” conveys taking it back to another place or point in time: regression as opposed to progression.

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