Useful links

This site allows you to browse and read legislation currently on the floor of both the House of Representatives and the Senate:

These sites allow you to find the names and contact info of your elected officials for both house of congress:

This site allows you to browse, read, and vote on current bills:

This site tracks your Senators’ and Representatives’ votes and then emails you to keep you informed:

These sites provide information of products made either in the USA or via ethical practices:

Below are the links to the 2009 (2010) and 2010 (2011) Census Bureau report on income and poverty. This is a long read, and the statistics don’t actually begin until around page 26, but it is a very important report.  If you aren’t convinced yet that the disparity between the rich and poor isn’t bad, you should be by the time you’re done reading this:


Below are a few links to some very informative articles about taxes and the growing disparity between rich and poor:

Follow this link to register to vote. Remember, voting is not a right it’s a duty and a privilege:

These links will help you to learn more about candidates and where they stand on the issues important to you. Remember, a good citizen is an informed citizen:


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